Published Works by Kelly Swails

In The Finch and the Panther, pirate Captain Korina Finch has big plans for her only daughter Merie. She has always assumed that Merie will follow in her footsteps and become a pirate captain too. Unbeknownst to Korina, Merie has a few ideas of her own regarding her future. 

In Accidental Vengeance, Deidre's mama Conjures spirits for a living. When the neighborhood girls push Deidre too far, she decides to Conjure a spirit of her own. What could possibly go wrong? 

In The Black Seraph, Jacob is a fisherman with a secret. When his young brother-in-law Marcus runs away from home to join a band of pirates, Jacob promises his wife that he'll find her brother. What he can't promise is to bring Marcus home alive.

Magic fills the Blue Kingdoms. Its tendrils reach through the islands, ensnaring the denizens of the World-Sea with effects both sublime and monstrous. 

Kathleen Ruth Anne Maxwell is the next generation of demon hunter in David in Disguise. While attending a protest in Grant Park during Chicago's 1968 Democratic National Convention, Kate tries to stop a demon from starting a riot. 

All of the Crimson Pact stories feature women from the same family. In Family Reunion, four generations of women--the main characters from the three previous stories--gather around Ruth's death bed. Wendy gets a rude awakening about the family business. 

In The One Where the Father Dies, superhero Andrew must confront his biggest fear. A prequel to At Your Service in SIDEKICKS!

This book is a limited run anthology produced for the 2012 Origins Game Fair. In Know Your Nemesis, Sally Clark has to figure out an inventive way to "kill" her nemesis Mallory for a class assignment. Two problems: Mallory is the smartest girl in the class and, well, she'll be gunning for Sally at the same time. 

In Cake and Candy, Anna has lost her husband Tad after they'd been married for less than a year. She knows in her heart she will never get over his death. Her grandmother gives her a pair of earrings to help ease her suffering. It isn't long before Anna discovers the earrings aren't run-of-the-mill heirlooms. 

In At Your Service, the Time Keeper is interviewing for a job with a new hero. His main objective isn't getting the job, however. 

In Staging a Coup, Sally Clark has to use everything she's learned while earning her World Domination college degree in order to pass her last exam. 

A Simple Plan is a flash fiction piece told from a demon's point of view. Can his plan finally take down humanity?

Vanessa McAvoy's Statement is just that. A murder has occurred at the School for Extraordinary Children where Vanessa teaches, and this story is her statement to the detective on the case. She begins by telling the detective exactly what makes the children at the school so extraordinary.  

In Sully's Solution, a small-town cop investigates a possible meth lab operation in the middle of nowhere. What he finds, however, isn't strictly illegal. I grew up in a small town not unlike Rockton, so writing this was a bit like going home. 

In Character Assassination, Camille is a spy who always gets her mark. That is, until her ex-boyfriend--and current arch-rival--gets in the way. 

In The Price of Serenity, the Depression has hit Charles Moore hard, and not just because he's out of work. Years ago he lost his only son in a house fire--one that Charles accidently set--and he hasn't truely been able to live with himself since. However, an enchanted Hobo nickle could change all that. Is he willing to pay the price it exacts?

Ruth is Frankie's Girl. She loves everything about her life in 1920's Chicago--the clothes, the nightlife, and especially her gangster boyfriend Frankie. That was before she discovers just how Frankie commits the perfect murder. 

In Hunters Incorporated, Annie--the daughter of Ruth from Frankie's Girl--hunts for demon Nazis in a disturbing 1950’s Chicago

The Business of Love was my first foray into a straight-up romance story. A young man wants to spend the foreseeable future with this girlfriend Chloe. The problem? Chloe has big dreams that his mother can either fulfill or destroy as she sees fit. And it just so happens that Mom doesn't like Chloe.

In Three Wishes, Alice finds her childhood bear in a thrift shop. When she buys it the proprietor throws in a necklace for free. When she discovers that the necklace will grant her three wishes, she realizes she has all her dreams at her fingertips. 

In A Portrait in Time, Gina spends her entire life savings to go back in time to save her twin sister Lucy. However, the universe has a way of righting itself ...