Sally Clark is curious about how technology works, which would be fine except her experiments tend to be illegal. She’s also a terrible liar, which is why she ends up in court for stealing groceries with nothing but a hacked smart phone. While the judge isn’t impressed that her alcoholic mother had traded the grocery money for booze, he is intrigued by her hacking skills. He offers her a deal to keep her out of Juvenile Detention. The only one caveat: if she fails, she’s going straight to Juvie.

According to family legend, Kelly Swails learned to read by perusing Archie comics at the age of three. (She loved Jughead the most.) As a child she would read anything with words—magazines, books, comics, cereal boxes. She wrote her first bona-fide short story in sixth grade, about a feminist and a misogynist watching the destruction of Earth from their spaceship. After that foray into SF, she tried her hand at mystery, horror, and teen romance. Her medical mind pulled her into clinical laboratory science, but she continues to write short stories and YA novels.

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